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Boundaries of some Greek-Catholic Parishes in Old Hungary

This post is limited to the area around the triple-point where present-day Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine meet. The scale of the map below is approximately 50 km horizontally from western to eastern edge. The dashed lines are present-day international borders (shown only where they do not overlap with the old parish borders). The wavy/scalloped line is the Tisza River. It flows from east to west, reaching its northernmost point near the middle of the map. For the most part, parishes do not cross the Tisza. The one exception is parish No. 25. In 1920 part of the northern border of Hungary was placed along the northernmost segment of the Tisza. The remainder of the northern border of Hungary on this map diverges from the Tisza, off to the west and off to the southeast. The dashed line extending north from the river is a border established only after World War II. West of that line is present-day Slovakia, east of there is Ukraine.

Following are three tables listing the parishes, grouped according to the location of the parish's town namesake.

First Group: Parish town located in present-day Slovakia
No.Old NameCurrent Name and DistrictOld County and District
1Sámogy (musovce)
(includes Lasztomér)
Šamudovce, Michalovce
(separate Lastomír)
Zemplén, Nagy-Mihály
2KráskaZemplínska Široká
(Krášok), Michalovce
Ung, (Nagy)Kapos
3SólymosIňačovce, MichalovceUng, Szobráncz
4Sáros-Reviscse, SárosrőcseBlatné Revištia (te), SobranceUng, Szobráncz
5PorosztóPorostov, SobranceUng, Szobráncz
6Felső-Némethi (mete)Vyšné Nemecké, SobranceUng, Ungvár
7Korumlya (lak)Koromľa, SobranceUng, Ungvár
8FalkusFalkušovce, MichalovceZemplén, Nagy-Mihály
9Dubróka (ovka)
(includes Butka)
Dúbravka, Michalovce
(separate Budkovce)
Zemplén, Nagy-Mihály
10MárkMarkovce, MichalovceZemplén, Nagy-Mihály
11Szalók (Szlavkovce)Slavkovce, MichalovceZemplén, Nagy-Mihály
12Bező (Bezsovci)Bežovce, SobranceUng, Ungvár
13Lakárd (árt, Lekárt)Lekárovce, SobranceUng, (Nagy)Kapos
14PetrikPetrikovce, MichalovceZemplén, Nagy-Mihály
15Csicser (Csicsarovci)Čičarovce, MichalovceUng, (Nagy)Kapos
16MátyócMaťovské Vojkovce, MichalovceUng, (Nagy)Kapos
17Lelesz-Polyán (Bodrogmező)Poľany, TrebišovZemplén, Bodrogköz
18Zemplén (Zeume)Zemplín, TrebišovZemplén, Sátoraljaújhely
19Kis-DobraDobrá, TrebišovZemplén, Bodrogköz

Any of the Slovak place-names can be searched for in the online catalog. There you will find, in addition to information about the availability of microfilmed Greek-Catholic records for that parish, an alert that church records for Slovakia are available online. Follow that link, and you will find another link inviting you to browse [an incredibly large number of] images. That link takes you to a list of denominations, from which you can re-select Greek-Catholic. You are then presented with a list of Districts (even though the page title says Counties). Selecting a district provides a list of parishes, and from there a manageable number of images. Most of the 19 parishes in the table above are listed on the browsing pages under one of two official Districts (Sobrance or Michalovce). But there appears to be an ongoing project to transfer some of the parishes into pseudo-districts named for a nearby main town. For example, Parishes 17 and 19 are listed under Kráľovský Chlmec (Chlumec, Hungarian Királyhelmec, the main town in the Old-Hungary district of Bodrogköz). Parish 15 has recently been moved out of Michalovce and into its own Vel'ké Kapušany (Hungarian Nagy Kapos) district. Similarly, parish 13 has recently been moved into its own Užhorod district. The link for Parish 2, although still listed under Michalovce, has recently been changed to its secondary Slovak name (Krášok). Parish 16 was available recently, but has since disappeared. I emphasize that these remarks refer only to the links as they are presented at the online site.

Second Group: Parishes in present-day Hungary
No.NameOld County and District
20CsékeZemplén, Bodrogköz
21DámóczZemplén, Bodrogköz
22AgárdZemplén, Bodrogköz
23AjakSzabolcs, Kis-Várda
24Tornyos-Pálcza (Tornyas-Pálcza)Szabolcs, Tisza
25Bács-Aranyos (Bácsaranyos)Szabolcs, Tisza

Microfilm numbers for these parishes can be found in the online catalog.

Third Group: Parishes in present-day Ukraine
No.Old NameOld County and District
26UngvárUng, Ungvár Town
27Alsó-DomonyaUng, Ungvár
28NeviczkeUng, Ungvár
29Or (Or-Darma, Ör)Ung, (Nagy)Kapos
30MinajUng, Ungvár
31PalágyUng, (Nagy)Kapos
32KereknyeUng, (Nagy)Kapos
33SztrabicsóBereg, Munkás
34GorondBereg, Munkás
35Makkos-JánosiBereg, Tiszahát
36ÁrokUng, Ungvár
37AntalóczUng, Ungvár
38KöblérUng, Ungvár
39RadvánczUng, Ungvár
40Darócz (Ungdarócz)Ung, Ungvár
41Nagy-LázUng, Ungvár
42HorlyóUng, Ungvár
43Iglinz (Unggesztenyés)Ung, Ungvár
44Orosz-KomoróczUng, Ungvár
45LehóczUng, Ungvár
46SzerednyeUng, Ungvár
47DubrókaUng, Ungvár
48IgnéczBereg, Munkás
49Nagy-LucskaBereg, Munkás
50Uj-DávidházaBereg, Munkás
51RákosBereg, Munkás
52Ruszkócz (Nagy-Ruszkócz)Bereg, Munkás
53ZsukóBereg, Munkás
54Nagy-MogyorósBereg, Munkás
55Orlyova (Ungasfalva)Ung, Ungvár

I have just started to participate in a project intended to establish what may have been microfilmed for these Ukrainian parishes. Information about the Munkacs Records Project can be found at the rusyns group site at yahoo.

In constructing the map of the parish boundaries, I relied on the online images of the 1877 Dvorszák Gazetter from the the University of Pécs, along with the Lazarus Military Maps (ca. 1910) from the Eötvös Loránd University, and the radixhub digitized extract of the information in the 1877 Gaztteer. The only additional information content here is the geographical relationship of the parishes to each other. To determine which villages belonged to which parishes, and how the villages were related to each other and to nearby topography, those sources should be consulted.

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